Thursday, January 3, 2013

Well our first round of polling and testing is complete. Many of you in the community have asked for various changes, and we appreciate the feedback. “Rosebowl” the new JOE server, which is also JOCAG compatible, will run a 5 map rotation. Every week a new poll will be placed on the blog, allowing community members to vote for the next 5 maps they would like to see for the following week. We can also introduce weekly server setting polls as well, I.E. killcam/tracers etc. Every Monday we will implement these changes voted on by the community.

There will be a EU and a US Rosebowl server, they will be identical to one another in both settings and map rotations. The voting will be carried out under the same polls as well. If you would like to see other maps added to the weekly polling, please create your own forum topic discussing it. Please be aware the Server will go "live" on Monday January 7th. Polling will be reset each following Monday with a new set of maps, and/or settings. We look forward to your continued testing and feedback as we further experiment new methods of serving our community, 

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