Thursday, December 20, 2012

     As some of you may have noticed, we have begun to consolidate our game servers over the past weeks. This has allowed us more freedom and flexibility to host and implement some changes. Our eventual goal is to establish a “test” server, in which various changes desired by the community can be put through a trial stage, and then eventually brought to other servers. The forums and this site are here for the community to voice their opinions, and allow us to compile and manage their feedback. For the time being Joint Ops: Combined Arms will be our focus, but we hope to eventually add other Novalogic titles to this system as well. 

     We'd like to introduce you to our first test server, which will be hosted in Europe, named UK JO test server. Please be aware to play on this server your client needs to be either JOE, or JOCAG. These servers will be capable of hosting missions from JOTR, and JOE. This is your time to provide feedback on which missions you would like to see hosted on these servers. At the moment we have one mission named "Operation: Crossroads," which is a converted JOTR mission now AAS. We've also considered the possibility of hosting user generated missions on these "test" servers, with the hope that those that meet our criteria  as well the community's, would one day make their way onto official Novaworld servers. Please refer to our forum post for more specific criteria.

    In the future we plan to release an official JOTR/JOE server with a 10 map rotation. We'd like to choose the top 10 maps from JOTR and JOE that people would like to play seen on that server. Please use the polling feature to the right to cast your vote, as well as using the forums to explain why, or even to include other missions not listed on the poll. See forum thread for details on what format to use in your posts.

     We look forward to hearing your responses, reactions, feedback, and opinions on this topic.

Quick Update:

Another variant of Operation: Crossroads was added. Several changes to the map have been made, please check the forums for specific details. As for the server, Tobo Wetlands was added to the rotation by popular demand. 

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