Monday, January 21, 2013

     First, we’d like to thank all of you for your feedback, suggestions, and comments. The next step is to continue adding more options for Rosebowl, allowing the community to have even more voting options as it pertains to map rotations. We have received numerous requests to bring back Team Deathmatch, and other game types, to the voting polls. I encourage all of you that would like to see other missions added, to create a topic on our forums to discuss it. If we feel enough of the community supports it, we will add it to the polls. However, this is only part of the changes to come.

     For the time being servers Armored Fist, and Applebowl, will be taken down. The test server, as well as EU Rosebowl and US Rosebowl servers will still be available. This part of our continued pursuit to develop the most efficient system, whereby changes desired by the community can be received, processed, and then implemented. We are changing the test server run time in order to achieve more active play time for that server. It will be taken down, and only brought up for limited times so that the community can join us in testing new missions.

     It is also important to note that mission “Operation: Crossroads” has now been added to the rotations of Rosebowl. The map will also be added to the polling as well for each week. 

Server Settings: 
Tracers Off  
Friendly Fire On 
Choose Team On

Map Rotations: 
Two Dragons Gorge
Twin Islands
Karo Highlands
Berkabut Valley
Palu Rice Paddies
Operation Crossroads (new map)

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